Artwork by Oneirocritica Games

Artwork by Oneirocritica Games

      'Moode Myoozik is a composer and soundtrack fanatic. Boasting a strong resume of skills and styles, ‘Moode's "myoozik" explores a variety of themes ranging from emotional thought pieces that capture imagination to action-filled soundtracks that can accompany any march. From creepy atmospheres to bright, comedic bops, ‘Moode will bring your project to life.

‘Moode began playing music in grade 7, taking part in junior high band class. She has 6 years of clarinet experience, but decided to switch focus to other instruments, such as piano, and to learn more about music technology. Recently, ‘Moode gradutated MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music. She will continue to grow as a musician and incorporate lessons and experiences from classes, including film scoring and electro-acoustic music, to better her music. 

‘Moode's inspirations include creators such as Toby "Radiation" Fox ("Undertale"), Manaka Kataoka ("The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", "Animal Crossing: New Leaf"), In Love With a Ghost, and Kan Gao and Laura Shigihara ("To the Moon").

‘Moode Myoozik is a talented, hard-working composer who’s able to capture your project’s mood perfectly with her work. She boasts a strong musical repertoire that covers a wide variety of instruments and she uses this skill to help to drive the narrative you’ve always dreamed of. Lastly, she’s excellent at translating your written concepts into real music, and working with her is an exciting and enjoyable process. Thank you for all your hard work, ‘Moode!
— Oneirocritica Games