Current Projects 


Love Hues! OST

The first soundtrack ‘Moode's written. The game is about you, the main character, going through school at Falls West University. There are plenty of choices and lots of diversity in this inclusive and lovely visual novel. It is going to be released summer 2019.  

a story.

An original album following a story arc that doesn't actually exist. It follows two characters, Alex and Riley, as they face and battle conflict. The idea was to create a soundtrack, but have listeners decide how to interpret an adventure of their own. More details to come. 


Past Projects

Icarus - by Shoelace Games

An endless game that is soon to be available for download on Google Play. You are a fire wizard trying to keep your kite in the air while dodging all sorts of obstacles. A single track was made for this game with strong influences for games including “Journey” and “Shadow of the Colossus”.